The Islamia College of Science and Commerce-Skill Development Centre (ICSC-SDC) under collaboration by Department of Computer Science, Electronics & IT along with spokes (all degree colleges of districts Srinagar, Budgam and Ganderbal) is a community of professionals in the field of Technology who are experts in technological Innovations and research with imparting skills to the Community. The ICSC-SDC is dedicated to share and exchange ideas and knowledge for uplifting of society in general and technology sector in particular. The Skill Development Centre is amalgam to fund innovative ideas/projects to ensure that the Schemes will be beneficial to the society at large.
The Govt. of India, in pursuance of the decision of cabinet committee on Skill Development in its meeting held on 19th December, 2013 issued a notification for National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). Under the National Skills Development Corporation, many Sector Skill Councils representing respective industries have / are being established. One of the mandates of Sector Skill Councils is to develop Qualification Packs (QPs) / National Occupational Standards (NOSs) for various job roles in their respective sectors. It is important to embed the competencies required for specific job roles in the higher education system for creating employable graduates.

Vision of the Center

To be the centre for fostering an environment of Inculcating Skills in higher educational institutions linked with the Centre, in order to impart the Skills in the field of Computer Science, Electronics & IT along with industry in the contemporary times.

Mission of the Center

  • Acting as a link between Mentors, spoke institutes and industry.
  • Provide a platform to entrepreneurs, corporate people, scholars, students and other stakeholders in the society to contribute to the vision of the Centre.
  • To explore opportunities for Youngsters to explore their ideas in the field of Technology.

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Aim of the Center

The target group for the ICSC-SDC shall be the students of this college along with spoke colleges and the Society in general by imparting the Skill Oriented Courses to provide them better job opportunities in the field of technology. To support Academia-Industry linkage through technical skills and provide better standard of life to youngsters with job in hand.
As per the New Education Policy 2020, Higher Education Department aims to offer Vocational and Professional courses in partnership with Industry at UG level to enhance employability of the students in colleges. Such courses will be available to the students at UG level as integrated/embedded courses or as add-on certification courses or as B. Voc degree programmes.

Objectives of the Center

  • The objectives of Skill development Centre are to promote skill oriented courses in the domain of computer science, electronics & IT towards the structuring of a skilled society.
  • To provide a robust platform for the extensive sharing and dissemination of knowledge across all stakeholders in general and Higher Education in particular.
  • To prepare and provide models of skilled education that would facilitate holistic development and prepare students for job oriented future.
  • To connect Universities, colleges and Industry research of the state with national and international knowledge networks.
  • To bridge the knowledge and digital divide and to promote capacity building of the existing, faculties by equipping and sharpening their basic skills for taking up minor and major research projects.
  • To act as a Resource Centre by preparing the database of students/ Techies/research scholars/teachers and Industry people for project reports to realize the objectives of the hub.
  • To develop infrastructure to actively link industry and the organizations that wish to learn about and undertake collaboration.
  • To support academia-industry linkage through technology.

Role of the Center

The Role of the ICSC-SDC is manifold and is on different fronts:

  • The Introduction of integrated / embedded courses / add-on certification courses /B.Voc degree programmes at UG Level under HUB and SPOKE Model. < Vide circular No. 05 JK (HE) of 2020 dated 9/9/2020 regarding introduction of skill courses in degree colleges and minutes of the meeting held on 17th September, 2020, Islamia College of Science and Commerce has been designated as Hub Institution in the domain of Electronics, Information Technology and Computer Science for launch of Vocational courses under NEP 2020 and guidelines set by UGC. All degree colleges of districts Srinagar, Budgam and Ganderbal will act as Spokes.
  • On the recommendations of Sector Skill Council in IT-ITES, ICSC-SDC connected with NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) for skill training of students. Accordingly, 1st batch of about 2000 students from different colleges have been onboarded for NASSCOM Future Skills platform wherein students have free access to the prime platform. FutureSkills Prime Platform, a joint initiative of NASSCOM and Ministry of Electronics and IT (Meity) Govt of India, will provide a continuous learning platform to students on future technologies and initiatives.  Recently, we are in receipt of a proposal from NASSCOM under Industry Academia Connect (IAC). After evaluating it, we stand convinced about its efficacy in terms of bridging the gap between industry and academia for better employability of our students. In future also College will keep onboarding students for skill training on future skills platform.

  • To provide support and facilitate spoke institutions with an aim to develop the extension research centres in the field of technology.

  • To frame guidelines in consolation with mentor institution and communicate to the spoke institutions accordingly.
  • To advice spoke institutions in matters related to institutional consultancy and funded sponsored research.
  • On 24th Dec. 2021, a draft syllabi of the following identified skill courses in the domain of Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology under 12 + 18 credit scheme has been sent to Dean, Academic Affairs University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar for approval. The courses are to be included in the CBCS Scheme or as an add-on.
Sno.Name of the CourseSno.Name of the Course
1.PC Hardware and Networking2.Networking Administration
3.Embedded System Design4.Office Automation and soft skills
5.Web designing6.Financial Accounting using Tally
7.Information security and cyber law8.Mobile application development using Android
9.Data science and machine learning using python10.Cloud computing
11.Internet of things12.Installation and troubleshooting of security systems
13.Graphic designer14.Database management system
15.Data warehouse and data mining16.Introduction to research
17.Computer and peripherals18.Networking and storage