Who are we?

We, at Islamia College of Science and Commerce- Research Hub(ICSC-RH), Department of commerce and management studies, along with our spokes are a cross disciplinary community of researchers consisting of committee of academicians, methodologists, peer reviewers and members who are experts or interested in business research studies and designs. ICSC-RH is dedicated to discuss, exchange ideas, share knowledge and innovative ideas for the upliftment of the society in general and business sector in particular. The Research Hub is a mechanism to fund research ideas/projects designed to ensure that the Schemes are robust and the society is benefitted at large.

Vision of the Hub

To be the center for fostering an environment of high-quality research in higher educational institutions linked with the hub, in order to find solutions to the problems related to commerce, business management and industry in the contemporary times.

Mission of the Hub

At ICSC-RH, the mission will be to achieve the vision by :
• Acting as a link between Mentors, spoke institutes and industry.
• Provide a platform to entrepreneurs, corporate people, scholars, students and all stakeholders in order to contribute to the vision of the hub.
• To explore opportunities for sponsored programs/external partnership in order to promote business research.

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Aim of the Hub

1. Comprehend the gaps between expected and actual delivery by the various businesses to the society. Attempt to fill the gaps by implementation of suggestions and come up with policy implications thereby making businesses more responsive and profitable as well.
2. Promote research and research related activities with an aim to analyze how businesses can be made more conducive and contributory to the society at large.
3. Foster an environment of research and innovation in spoke institutions and Jointly work on actual business problems in consultation with business organizations, people and the government. Attempt to come up with solutions for the same and provide consultancy services wherever possible.
4. Support Academia-Industry linkage through research and take up case studies from business houses, conduct business analysis in order to have a thorough understanding of the business environment of the UT of J&K.
5. To provide the intellectual leadership necessary to build research interests into successful and strategic research programs.
6. To strengthen the infrastructure for
Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research
Stimulating and fostering long-term relationships
Generating learning
Enhancing the generation of high-quality research, which can have an impact on social and economic policy, of the UT of J&K.

The Role of Research Hub

• To provide support and facilitate spoke institutions with an aim to develop the extension research centres in the field of commerce and business management.
• To frame guidelines in consolation with mentor institution and communicate to the spoke institutions accordingly.
• To provide a supportive critical mass of complementary scholars, keeping in view the dynamic nature of contemporary business problems.
• To advice spoke institutions in matters related to institutional consultancy and funded sponsored research.
• To initiate strategic planning and provide guidance across academic and research programs fostering new and interdisciplinary research.
• To promote the research areas of priority for research funding with internal and external agencies.
• To explore the possibility of adapting research driven projects and prepare management plans as necessary and monitor adherence on the basis of periodical reviews.

Objectives of the Hub

The objectives of Research Hub are to promote exchange of information and knowledge in the research work, new inventions, and developments in commerce and management towards the structuring of an information-rich society.
1.To support and mentor new and existing research partnerships to generate, monitor and evidence research impact.
2.To provide a robust platform for the extensive sharing and dissemination of knowledge across all stakeholders in general and Higher Education in particular.
3.To promote cutting edge research and creation of knowledge-innovation and patenting by facilitating networking of individuals/institutions/agencies engaged in processes in accordance with intellectual property rights.
4.To prepare and provide models of research education that would facilitate holistic development and prepare commerce and business students for future challenges in education and business world.
5. To connect Universities, colleges, research institutions libraries and interested business organizations of the state with national and international knowledge networks.
6. To facilitate interface among research scholars and faculties of the state by arranging visits of national and international academicians to the hub and spoke colleges working in their area of business and commerce and by arranging their lectures.
7. To bridge the knowledge and digital divide and to promote capacity building of the existing, faculties by equipping and sharpening their basic skills for taking up minor and major research projects.
8. To act as a Resource Center by preparing the database of students/research scholars/teachers and the publications, support surveys, studies, project reports to realize the objectives of the hub.
9. To promote and support the co-production of Social Research, involving University researchers working in partnership with outside organizations.
10. To develop infrastructure to actively link industry and the organizations that wish to learn about and undertake coproduced research with relevant researchers. 11. To support academia-industry linkage through research.

Functions of the Spoke institutions:

1. Assemble researchers committed to the research area
2. Present individual and joint research projects preferably the industry relevant ones
3. Conduct research
4. Produce journal articles
5. Report findings at research conferences
6. Judicious and optimum utilization of resources being made available by the hub

Why do you need to join ICSC-RH?

• We invite you to join ICSC-RH:
• Make use of the provided research design guidelines, materials, and resources
• Attend periodical research method and design Webinars
• To give vent to your ideas, queries and questions pertaining to business
• Conduct research related to research methods and designs
• Write blogs, articles related to contemporary busines issues, opportunities, and challenges.
• Join the research design groups and collaborate with the methodologists, academics and people from industry.
• Present and publish quality research work in peer revied journals, magazines and hand books.

Research Agenda

Research agenda may be included but not limited to:
• Issues and challenges related to implementing the established research methods and deigns such as qualitative and quantitative research methods and designs, mixed methods, action research, and program evaluation
• Issues, opportunities and challenges related to business environment, industry, small businesses, local start-ups and business schools.
• Exploring new and emerging research designs within qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods such as arts-based, collaborative inquiry, and appreciative inquiry
• Effective practices related to teaching and learning research methods and designs
• To revive the periodic Journal, Business Peep.

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