Department of English

The Department of English and its faculty has played crucial role in the Academic Journey of the College. The College was established in 1961, and the Department of English was one among the first few Departments established to teach English as language across the streams. The Department has permanent faculty positions including two vacant and two recently created position. At present the Department teaches a number of programmes including Post Graduation, one single Arts Stream and ability enhancement and skill courses across the streams.

The Department of English, Islamia College of Science and Commerce aims to stimulate and develop the imagination and critical thinking of the students through teaching and to develop the department as a centre for academic excellence and high-quality research.

To enable the students to acquire communicative competence so that they make quality use of language as a means of creating conducive human environment. The students will communicate effectively, access information by various means and think critically. The rich educational experience provided by the English Department will produce young adults who will become proactive and positively contribute to the community.

1. Permanent faculty
2. Highly qualified faculty,three have doctorates and the three who have M,Phil are pursuing doctoral programmes on part-time basis.
3. Non – transferable job
4. Rich collection of Books, references to support any new initiative
5. Language lab fully equipped to cater to all relevant language courses.
6. Majority of the teaching members have been teaching and counseling postgraduate programmes and at different institutions, including Distance Mode Program of University of Kashmir and IGNOU.
1. Ratio of Student Teacher is disproportionate.
2. Large number of Students in each Class.
3. Paucity of space and less number of teachers to cater to the ever burgeoning demand for learning English.
4. To address this demand, the vacant teaching positions should be filled at the earliest.
5. A rich Departmental Library is needed.
1. The Department can introduce language Programmes/job oriented courses, making optimum use of language lab.
2. The Department canintroduce BA Honours English as PG English is already functional.
3. The Department can organize and coordinate orientation and refresher courses for otherfaculty members in degree colleges
4. The Department can organize workshops and seminars on state and national level.
5. The Department has well equipped languages lab and can train students for job in corporate sector.
1. Finding funding agencies for conducting programmes like State and National level seminars.
2. The outreach activities like co-coordinating with the Schools which the College administration has recently adopted, is an additional burden on the Department, in absence of a large permanent faculty.
3. For the introduction of new courses, there is a paucity of space. The construction underway for creating more classrooms has to be executed on a war footing basis.
4. For purchase of National and International Journals, the funding agencies and sources are to be created.

B.A Single Stream
Passed Hr. Secondary part 2 Examination with any stream and marks obtained not less than 45% in aggregate at 10+2 level, or equivalent grade scale of respective boards /universities for open merit and 40% marks for reserved categories.
Intake capacity: 100 students.

Course Objectives
The objectives of this course are
1. To equip students with such skills as are saleable in the job market.
2. To acquaint them with different English genres.
3. To cultivate among students a love for English Literature. To develop amongst them English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
Course Outcomes
English has become a global language that helps to overcome the language barrier the world over, so English knowing people are always in demand. After completing this course, students will develop English language communicative skills which can help them to land jobs in BPO sector and elsewhere. Those who wish to pursue their studies further can seek admission in post-graduation course in English Literature.

  1. M.Phill

    Abdul Majid
    Associate Professor ( HOD )

    Domain : English Language and Literature

  2. Ph.D

    Associate Professor

    Domain : English

  3. Ph.D

    Associate Professor

    Domain : English

  4. Ph.D

    Asma Shaw
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : Comparative Literature

  5. M.Ed

    Uheeda Shah
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : English

  6. M.Phill

    Rehana Bhat
    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : English

  7. M.A

    Senior Assistant Professor

    Domain : English

The Department of English offers students the opportunity to grow as writers, speakers, researchers and critical thinkers. Keeping up with the latest educational trends the Department has incorporated new areas of study such as English language skills and tutorials on different forms of communication to improve and enhance language skills of the students.
The Department of English has a Language laboratory with an intake capacity of more than 30. The Language Lab is well equipped with audio and visual aids and study materials for various language skills programmes.
The department has a smart board, LCD and a computer. Apart from this the Department also has a rich library with a variety of books and references on English language and literature.
Audio visual aids available in the department
A 32 Seater Digital Language Lab ---- Skills Development Centre The language lab comprises following equipments
1. Computer based console with computer , UPS and necessary wiring, etc
2 Inverter with battery
3 AC
5 DVD player
6 Head phones with sockets and mic
7 Home theatre and sound system
8 Digital signal processing cards for generating audio channels
9 Licensed modules for soft skills and Life skills
10 Furniture and fixture:A 32 seater specially designed sofa chair with head phone and microphone
In addition to above the department has the following gadgets
1 LCD projector
2 OH projector
3 Interactive Board
4 Desktop Computer
5 XEROX Machine