Principal's Message

Dear Student,
I am reaching out to you witnessing a situation which has evolved in a proportion of unimaginable misery and unprecedented scale. The mutation of covid-19 and it's subsequent impact on human beings is yet to measure. But one thing is clear that mankind has to pursue science, technology and research to stay safe on planet earth. The lessons of coexistence, empathy, impeccable honesty, dedication to assigned duties and above all sense of responsibility are from this pandemic which has no regard for differentiations created by mankind for its survival. Today we are at cross roads and have to rejig ourselves to emerge more stronger and resolute in our commitment towards our society and mankind and i am confident that with your energy and passion to do things better ,our future is much more safer. You are growth engines of our future and we look upon you with lot of hope and promise.

It is a great satisfaction to recognise the fact that our academic journey has not halted inspite of such a big provocation from nature. This shows the capacity of humans to adjust to situations of challenge.

Since the lockdown has been announced our Faculty has left no stone unturned in helping you with online delivery of academic content with online engagement. I am seeing an excellent response from majority of students to online classes, although they cannot be as comfortable as on campus one's. But situational challenges take us to alternatives which are much better than a halt. We are evolving our Learning Management System to make it more potent and interactive for all of you. In coming months we will be investing heavily in its implementation to embed it as an alternative mode of teaching in situational challenges as well in normal times. We will introduce a compulsory 10 to 15 percent online classes in every program in future for on campus academics. The same will not only help us to strengthen online teaching platforms but will give you an opportunity of studying from location of your comfort for a while without going in to routine of entering campus monotonously. As such online teaching will be a systematic flavour in overall academic roadmap of a student campus life. This warrants a serious reciprocity from your end. Accepting it as a new norm you have to create ambience of a class room at your home location on a permanent basis. My suggestion would be to create a permanent online class room corner in your home and attend the classes from that class corner in a manner to create ambience of real time teacher-student setup. Always be ready with a formal attire and once logged in put your camera in ON status till end of classes. With a handy copy pen exhibit discipline of a class room. Your continuous feedback regarding online classes is welcome and i am receiving lot of messages through WhatsApp and mail. Lot of appreciation by students with some feedback which is worrisome. Misconduct in terms of objectionable actions and dirty comments in chat by a few has been viewed seriously. Let me reiterate that any act of indiscipline by a student will be taken seriously and penal action may lead to his/her rustication. Rules of student conduct have been described fully in college Prospectus and adherence to same is must. Presently our academics is in full swing with classes going on for all PG and UG programmes and teaching will continue till syllabus completion which is at finishing stage in all semesters. We are continuously reviewing the syllabus completion with our faculty and will not compromise on academics and rush through examinations.

All PG and UG classes of Semester-II Batch 2020 and Semester –IV Batch 2019 will continue in June as well while as Semester –VI Batch 2018 classes will continue upto end of May as per the syllabus completion projections from the faculty. Thereafter during first fortnight of June all internal examinations of semester-VI will be completed before issuance of an End Semester Examination notice. During the said fortnight any backlog in syllabus completion in any program will also be addressed. You have joined college for acquisition of knowledge and not to look for short cuts to complete a degree in time. In present job market degree is not more than a piece of paper if you are not laden with knowledge and skill set that the certificate is vouching for. My advice to all students is not to panic but have full confidence in your institution which has a standing of its own and will take decisions always in student interest. When our examinations will be due we will take a decision of mode of conduct as per situation and in student interest. Any examination whether online or on campus will evaluate you for your learning acquisitions during period of study and will never be a short cut. As such i impress upon you to take your studies seriously and isolate such students, who although in miniscule minority, always try to twist the system for their own comfort. You are there with us on an academic journey and we will ensure that you complete it as per standard stipulated time only.

I welcome our new batch of students for 2021 and am pleased to inform them that their online classes as per timetable will start from 1st June after an online induction program on 31st May 2021. Under Academic Excellence Guidelines 2020 for Batch 2020 and freshers Batch 2021 it has been decided to keep twentyfive percent evaluation in the hands of respective faculty through a T1-T6 contineous evaluation mechanism .Under said mechanism a Faculty member teaching a particular subject will assess you for learning outcomes in a transparent and pre defined mechanism after every 15 days of academic deliverance. As such you have to ensure a good performance as every fortnightly test will earn you a score for final result.

All information regarding academics and examinations will be available on college website and all students are advised to visit the site on regular basis for updates. I hope and pray that mankind be saved from the pandemic and we all emerge stronger and more committed from this catastrophic happening. Always ready to listen to you.

Prof. Khurshid Ahmad Khan
Email :