Department of BioTechnology

Biotechnology and applied biosciences is the future of the world. The Biotech sector in India is projected to grow by 30% CAGR by 2025, making India stand amongst the top 12 Biotech destinations in the world. Since it is an interdisciplinary field, the subject combines engineering technologies with biological sciences. The Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2010 at Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Hawal, Srinagar.

The students can pursue master’s degree programs in biotechnology, microbiology, bioengineering and food technology. Biotechnology alumni have a plethora of excellent career opportunities after completion of UG/PG degrees.

Students can pursue careers in pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology based companies, agricultural sciences as well as environmental management. They can also function in medical research, public health and disease research, forensic investigations and pollution management. In future the department intends to run BSc in Biotechnology course .

The department has a well-qualified and experienced faculty working under the headship of Sheikh Mohammad Saleem. The faculty members are doctorates from reputed institutions of India and have international publications to their credit.
The department has adequate laboratory facilities for conducting the laboratory classes of UG students of the college. The necessary equipments and chemicals are in place. The department is having a separate tissue culture laboratory as well as microbiology and molecular biology competent laboratories. Due to these reasons, students are eager to join the courses offered by the department.
The department is understaffed and lacks permanent faculty members. Also the laboratory staff is not there like lab attendants and lab assistants. Only one SLA has been given to the department which makes the department handicapped as for as manpower is concerned.
Biotechnology is a modern field of biology. Recruitment of permanent faculty members are expected to bring name and fame to the department as they can attract extra-mural funding from various agencies like DST and DBT. Those funds can be channeled for manpower training in biotechnology, infrastructure development (equipment), research and developmental activities. The department can start Master’s degree program in Biotechnology or B.Sc Biotechnology.
Due to lack of permanent staff, the department is not in a position to acquire sufficient funding for bringing the latest experience and expertise to the students. Non-teaching staff unavailability also impedes from exploring the full potential of the faculty members. Also lack of class room space is a matter of concern as we have to routinely take classes in our laboratory.

The department offers GE Paper to BG Medical stream and GE Paper to BSc Hon’s and IPG Students of zoology Apart from GE paper the department offers four SEC courses
1 Plant tissue culture
2 Industrial fermentation
3 Basis Human genetics /HIV
4 Forensic Anthropology

Biotechnology is the frontier area of modern biology having applications in medicine, agriculture, industry as well as in scientific research. It guides us in understanding various molecular approaches to different types of cellular processes and how to engineer them for human benefit. The areas of drug discovery and research rely on the techniques like genetic engineering and bioprocess technology. The gene editing technique like CRISPR-Cas have revolutionised the understanding and functionality of living systems . The department was established to impart latest knowledge and training to undergraduate students pursuing Bachelor’s Degree as well as Integrated Master’s degree programs in science stream. The curriculum for these courses have been designed and developed to help students understand main concepts in modern biology as well as their applications across various scientific disciplines. Apart from core subjects the department offers various types of skill enhancement courses like forensic sciences, industrial fermentation, tissue culture as well as HIV/AIDS and human genetics. While keeping in view the world scenario, it was felt imperative to impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge and training to younger aspirants

  1. M.Phill

    Associate Professor ( HOD )

    Domain : Parasitology Microbiology Molecular biology Plant tissue culture Forensic Science

The department is enriched with following Facilities 1 Tissue culture lab
2 Microbial culture lab
3 Molicular Biology lab
The department is having following modern equipment for the conduct of practical work
1 PCR Applied Biosystem
2 Gel Elerophoriasis Tarson
3 UV Trans illuminator
4 Cooling Centrifuge REMI
5 UV Spectrophotometer
6 Autoclve
7 Laminar Air Flow
8 Milipore Water Purifier
9 -20 Deep freezer
10 Refregilator
11 Micro Pipettes
12 TLC Appatatus
13 PAGE With Power supply
14 Micro Centrifuge
15 Megnetic Strirer
16 Incubation bath tub
17 Hot Plate
18 Shaker Incubator
19 BOD Incubator
20 Digital Balance