Department of Bio-Chemistry

The Department of Biochemistry at Islamia College of Science and Commerce was established in year 2001 by a renowned visionary Prof. Bal Krishan Koul. The Department has been established with objectives of conducting high quality teaching in Biochemistry and to effectively transmit knowledge in Biochemistry and provide comprehensive Biochemical education to under-graduate students. The department has produced hundreds of students over the period. The department has just completed a journey of 2 decades in 2021. The department has been among the first few colleges of J&K, which introduced Bio-Chemistry as a stream for the aspirants of J&K. The department started with great enthusiasm and major initiatives in terms of Teaching and Research programs were initiated with University of Kashmir as its affiliating University. The department, in order to expose students with latest concepts and understandings in biochemistry, the Syllabus is upgraded/modified almost every two years. The secret of success of this department lies in the academic environment and close ties between teachers and students. While one enjoys such flexibility, a rigid discipline is maintained as far as the classes and projects are undertaken. This makes the department efficient as an Academic institute. The academic atmosphere of department stands out and makes it an enjoyable Teaching/Learning experience. The Department of Biochemistry imparts Under graduate (Honours) programme under NEP 2020 through conventional and new knowledge in an innovative manner, which ensures that fresh, young minds are trained and oriented to create newer knowledge in turn. The students of the department are always enthusiastic to present critical reviews of various topics in the form of elaborate seminars. Students also take two programmes from other multi-disciplinary courses on campus, which provides interdisciplinary flavour to the programme. Several quality improvement events like seminars by external experts, symposiums, poster presentations, scientific essay writing, science quiz, etc are regularly organized. In addition, numerous co-curricular events, including annual educational trips, are organized for wholesome development of students.

Producing quality students trained in the latest tools and technologies and striving to make college a world leader in the area of biochemistry. To achieve academic excellence in biochemistry of imparting in-depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities and cater to the ever-changing industrial demand. To be a centre of excellence in the discipline of biochemistry.

To provide quality education to the students through state of art and education in biochemistry. To provide a learning environment that helps the students to enhance problem solving skills, be successful in their professionalises and to prepare students to be lifelong learner by offering solid theoretical & practical foundation in various discipline of biochemistry and educating them about their professional and ethical responsibilities. To provide exposure to students to the latest tools and technologies in the area of biochemistry. To develop the man resource with sound knowledge theory & practical in the disciple of biochemistry and the ability to apply knowledge to the benefit of the society at large.

1. We stand out as a unique alternative to student.
2. We offer consistently high quality as far as education is concerned
3. We have assembled a team with experience that embrace different topics with the expertise in all areas of the subjects offered by the department.
1. Our students can set up their own labs outside and can run their livelihood in a getter possible way, besides getting knowledge of their own physical health.

We offer Biochemistry as one of the subjects in BSc. Besides we offer Nutrition and fitness I, Nutrition and fitness II, Food preservation and Quality evaluation of food as skills.

Biochemistry is the study of biological phenomena at the molecular level. Its aim is to understand the fundamental chemical principles that govern complex biological systems. Students will explain/describe the synthesis of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates and their role in metabolic pathways along with their regulation at the epigenetic, transcriptional, translational, and post-translational levels including RNA and protein folding, modification, and degradation.

  1. Prof. Abid Mirza
    Associate Professor ( HOD )

    Domain : BioChemistry

  2. Dr. Huma Habib
    Assistant Professor

    Domain : BioChemistry

We have the latest lab equipment’s and dedicated staff. LCD projector
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